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Municipality of the District of Chester
Fire & Emergency Response

Some events such as hurricanes, winter storms or tornadoes can't be prevented. It is very important to take some basic steps to be prepared for such events.

emo_logoREMO (Regional Emergency Management Organization) focuses on activities to be prepared in the event of an emergency in our area.

We are active in the areas of:

  • Monitoring emergency situations and weather warnings
  • Analyzing hazards that could affect our area
  • Developing plans and procedures for specific events
  • Supporting First Responders and Emergency Support Partners
  • Developing contact lists and resource databases for emergency response
  • Providing education materials for the public
  • Warning the public of potential events

Emergency Preparedness begins at home.

Individuals and families can prepare for emergencies in a number of ways:

  • Learn about hazards in our area
  • Have a 72 hour preparedness kit
  • Know what to do if there is an evacuation

Please review REMO's information on Be Prepared for Hurricanes

For more information on preparing yourself and your familiy in the event of an emergency please take some time to visit the REMO website.