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Municipality of the District of Chester
Fire & Emergency Response

A first aider is someone that takes charge in an emergency and gives basic first aid. First aiders never diagnose or treat injuries or illnesses. This is the duty of higher medical care givers. A first aider can assist in an emergency by giving first aid to preserve life, preventing illness or injury from becoming worse, and promoting recovery.  In Nova Scotia, you do not have a legal obligation to assist some one in need but as our government encourages people to help others in need, they recognize the Good Samaritan Principles. As a Good Samaritan you provide help in good faith because you care.  

There are many informative first aid training courses available for those interested in learning how to administer first aid in the home and work settings. For more information on courses that are available please refer to the helpful web sites below;

St. John's Ambulance

Canadian Red Cross

We have provided basic information on some of the most common medical emergencies that occur today. Within each section is a brief description of the warning signs, symptoms and some helpful first aid tips and suggestions on what you can do and how you can help those in need until the EHS paramedics or other higher level of medical care arrives.