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Municipality of the District of Chester
Fire & Emergency Response


1.) What is HAERT? The Hubbards Area Emergency Response Team is a volunteer community group dedicated to assisting individuals and families (as well as pets) to be safe and comfortable during a storm or emergency situation. HAERT does not replace 911 or first and second emergency responders but acts as assistance and resource to those trained groups.

2.) What is the EOC? EOC stands for Emergency Operations Centre and is located at the Hubbards Fire Department. This is the command post for all activities during an emergency in the Hubbards area. During an emergency the Shift officer would perform functions such as:

a) contacts all committee chairpersons to start a HAERT operation.
b) acts as the coordinator (in conjunction with the fire chief /EMO coordinator) of all requests and actions during an emergency.
c) Updates all parties, including radio station CKBW (1-902-543-2401).
d) Act as the decision making center for shelters and transportation- the EOC will make any final resolutions should the shift officers not feel comfortable.

3.) Is there a cost to go to a shelter during an emergency? No. The shelters will be set up for your convenience and safety by HAERT.

4.) Is there a cost to have my pets put up in a shelter during an emergency? No. The cost of boarding during an emergency will be covered. If you wish to make a donation there are depositories at the shelters.

5.) Do I need to take anything with me to the shelter? NO. Unless you have very specific food requirements or medication. However, If you wish to bring your favourite pillow, blanket, or your own toiletries please feel free.

6.) Does my pet need to take anything to the shelter? YES! All pets MUST have a copy of the history of their "shots" with them to be able to enter a shelter. This is for their own protection as well as the care givers. If you wish to send their own food, a favorite, toy, bed etc., please feel free to do so. A carrying crate is also essential. If you don't have one, the EOC will endeavour to get one for you when you call. (497-6100)

7.) Where are the Emergency Shelters? There are two shelters:

a) the Hubbards Fire Hall- this space is set up primarily to provide accommodation for :
- those over 50 who are "empty nesters".
- those who have any conditions that may require medical assistance.

b) the Hubbards Lions Club- this space is set up primarily to provide accommodation for :
- Families

8.) How do I get to a shelter? There are a number of ways :

a. drive in your own automobile
b. ask a neighbour
c. contact the EOC (497-6100) who will have someone pick you up.

9.) How does my pet get to a shelter? You simply have to contact the EOC (497-6100). You will be asked a few questions and the transportation committee will pick you and your pet up or if you can drive yourself. If you can drive yourself, the EOC shift officer will provide with directions on where to take your pet.

10.) What happens when I get to the Shelter? As you enter, you will be greeted by the Shelter Committee. They will ask a few questions and then get you settled. From there on, we hope you will be comfortable, having dialogue with friends and neighbours, playing cards, listening to music (bring batteries), etc. It is expected that you will do your part to keep the facility neat and tidy. Hopefully, if you are asked by a committee member to assist, you will do so willingly.