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Municipality of the District of Chester
Fire & Emergency Response

The Hubbards Area Emergency Response Team, known as HAERT, is a local organization consisting of dedicated volunteers, your neighbors, who work closely together to prepare and respond to our residents' needs during emergencies. 

Our Mission is to ensure all residents residing within the boundries of the Hubbards Fire Department District are safe and comfortable in time of emergency or disaster. HAERT works closely with the Nova Scotian Emergency Measures Organization (EMO), the Regional Emergency Measures Organization (REMO), the Hubbards Fire Department and other first responder groups.

Throughout the year HAERT members work very hard to encourage local groups and community members to participate in emergency planning and response, complementing the roles and responsibilities of existing emergency first response agencies.

Community emergency preparedness is enehanced by the team, as they develop and maintain local resource lists and the Neighbourhood Residential Profile. These lists show, by owner and location, the various resources, both human and material that are available to the team and the municipality and other responders in an emergency.   

Prior to, during and after an emergency event, HAERT offers a trained, local team of persons. They perform a vital support role to the local first response agencies by;

  • coordinating community emergency preparedness and awareness sessions for local residents
  • allowing local volunteers to meet and determine resource capabilities for various emergencies
  • identifying shortcomings and developing solutions to address community needs
  • maintaining current lists of the vulnerable within the community
  • checking on the vulnerable as needs require
  • creating and manning shelters for those in need
  • coordinating humanitarian efforts for affected populations
  • mobilizing additional resources and other logistical needs that may be required
  • efficiently utilizing neighbourhood, community and municipal resources
  • allowing various local residents to obtain information and contacts with other service organizations


For more information on the working committees, please follow the link below;

Haert Working Committees

For more information on the emergency operations centers please follow the link below;

Emergency Operations Centers

For more information on the emergency evacuations please follow the link below;

Emergency Evacuations

For more information on the emergency evacuations please follow the link below;

Emergency Social Services

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We always need assistance. If you are interested in joining us as a HAERT Volunteer please visit us at the link below;

HAERT Volunteer Page