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Municipality of the District of Chester
Fire & Emergency Response

Due to the critical importance of Fire Safety and Prevention, in thie following sections we have included a series of articles and helpful links to assist you in protecting yourself, your loved ones and your property. We encourage you to review and use this valuable information.

You can access this important information using the main Safety Menu or using the individual page links provided below.  


Our Emergency Response section includes information on our 911 Emergency Response system.

In the Fire Prevention section we have included information on the Nature of Fire, Escape Planning, Home Fire Tips, Electrical Safety, Fireplace Safety, Fire Safety for Children, Fire Safety for the Elderly and Disabled, Holiday Safety, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke Detectors, Home Sprinklers, and Home Fire Prevention Checklist.

We have included a informative article of the different types of fires that can occur and the appropriate Fire Extinguishers that can be used in the home. A portable extinguisher when used properly can save lives and property by putting out a small and contained fire or by allowing some time for any occupants to escape. Fire extinguishers however should be considered as first aid only. There is no substitute for the Fire Department in responding to any significant fire in your home.

Properly displaying your civic number on your house or at the end of your drive ensures fast emergency response for the AMBULANCE, FIRE and POLICE Services. Please refer to the Civic Addresses section for important information on the Municipal By-Law concerning posting of your civic address. Ordering information is provided for you to easiliy obtain your civic plate. 

Some events such as hurricanes, winter storms or tornadoes can't be prevented. It is very important to take some basic steps to be prepared for such events. Our section on Emergency Management provides great tips on being prepared for the unforeseen emegencies that may occur in our community. A helpful link to the REMO (Regional Emergency Management Organization) is provided.  

Your home security system is a valuable tool to prevent home or business break-ins, personal injury and the loss of property. Your first line of defense against injury and death in the event of a fire is a working smoke detector or smoke/fire alarm system. The Municipality, your local Fire Department and the RCMP support the proper installation and maintenance of these important safety systems. However False Alarms received by your fire department or the police services are very serious resulting in emergency responders expending their time, funds and efforts on non existing fire/alarm situations and exposing emergency responders, other road users and the general public to unnecessary risks. The section on False Alarms provides valuable information and links concerning our Municipal By Law and the prevention of false fire and security alarms in the community.

Even though you and your familiy have taken all the prevention actions possible, unfortunately fire emergencies can happen very unexpectedly. If you have actually had a fire in your home or business, you have just gone through one of life's most traumatic experiences. Now that the Fire Department has extinguished the fire, the next few days may be filled with shocks as you try to clean up, repair and replace what you have lost. You may have questions about what to do next and may simply be confused by all the information you may get from very well meaning people.To attempt to offset some of this confusion, we have included a Recovery After the Fire section to provide you with some of the information you may need in the coming days.


Please explore and use the information provided. PLEASE BE SAFE