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Martins River
Fire Department

 Our Department: Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow

The Martin's River Fire Department proudly protects the citizens and visitors of Martin's River and area in District 5. We are dedicated to enhancing and preserving the quality of life, property and environment through education, leadership and effective response to emergencies. This volunteer service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout our community.

The Martin's River Fire Department was organized and established in 1970. Interestingly, our fire hall was formerly an old school originally built in 1869. After the school closed operations in 1963 it was purchased from the Municipality to be used as a community hall. It remained as such until September 1970 when it became affiliated with the newly established Martin's River Volunteer Fire Department. It was renovated for the use by the Fire Department.

In 1974, under the Rural Fire Act, seven commisioners of the Fire Department were elected, including Murray Stewart, Betty Eisnor, Edgar Langille, Gerald Langille, Constance Langille, Neil Theriault, and Murray Hiltz.

The official opening of the first extension of the Fire Hall which actually houses all the firefighting apparatus and equipment was held on October 23,1971. With the assistance of a government grant an extension of 33 feet by 38 feet in 1974 and another extension of 50 feet by 30 feet was completed in 1979. We are located at 7533 Highway 3 in Martin's River.


Our Department started out with twenty founding members and some very basic equipment. Donald Hardy was our first Fire Chief serving the community between 1970 and 1972. Our first truck was a right hand drive vehicle with two 200 gallon oil tanks as water supply. On it we had a portable pump.



I1976_pumpern 1976 we purchased our first new truck, a mini pumper still in service today.








In 1989 we purchased a 1970 Ford King Seagrade truck from the Waverly Fire Department.This unit  was refurbished and repainted for our department use.


1970_ambulanceIn 1991 we purchased an old ambulance so we could respond to medical calls.

This 1970 ambulance unit was replaced with an 1985 model in 1995.


In 1997 we purchased a pumper/tanker from the Sackville Fire Department. Later, in 1999, we acquired a 1975 Ford AWD from the Department of Natural Resorces. This was converted into a tanker.

rescue823aOur Fire/Rescue 823 was purchased in 2001.  It is a  4 wheel Drive 2001 Ford F450 with a Lantz body. With this unit we were able to effectively respond to our medical emergencies and vehicle accidents, especially along Highway 103. The apparatus is equipped with modern fire fighting and rescue equipment including the jaws of life, breathing apparatus, ladders, ropes etc and medical response equipment including backboards, splints, spinal immobilization collars, oxygen, and automatic defibrillators.

Later, in 2002, we purchased a modern pumper/ tanker intended for first response to major structure fires in our community and neighboring areas. This apparatus is equipped with a 1050 pump and carries 950 gallons of water on board.


Today, the Department responds on average between 40 and 60 emergency calls annually within our community, which include fires, motor vehicle collisions, technical rescue, medical first response, and other miscellaneous calls. In addition, through our mutual aid agreements, we work closely with the other district departments to assist our neighbors in their time of need.

The Department also provides many non-emergency services supplying information and training on public safety, public awareness, and technical expertise on a variety of issues. We work closely with our community, supporting the activities of such organizations as the Monday Night Angels, Community Churches, and the Auxilliary.

Over the next few years we recognize that we will be faced with new and even more challenging risks. The technology for responding to these situations continues to advance, especially in the area of safety for our volunteers. Through our active training programs we are are committed to stay current with the most recent standards in emergency response.

Our volunteers work hard to provide these services to our community. We are proud of our community, its citizens and the role we play in protecting and preserving our way of life.