Martins River

Martins River
Fire Department

We have several emergency response apparatus and equipment at the Department. All equipment is maintained in top condition ready for use at the emergency scenes in our community and to assist other departments whenever required.

Pumper 831 is a 2020 Freightliner M2 112/Fort Garry with a 1250 IGPM pump. It has a 1000 water tank with a Foam Pro 1600 system on board. This unit is the first out pumper for all fire calls. It also responds for mutual aid requests for neighboring fire departments. The truck carries 4 SCBA and 8 spare bottles. It carries a battery operated ventilation fan,  a Blitz oscillating rapid attack monitor, a Thermal Imaging Camera, several portable radios and portable scene lighting. 
Pumper/Tanker 843 is a  2002 Freightliner/Metalfab with a 1050 IGPM pump. It has a 950 water tank and foam on board. The unit carries all vehicule extrication equipment for response to motor vehicle incidents, spare SCBA,portable radios,scene lighting and other hand tools.
Rapid Rescue 811 is a 2017 Ford F350 4 wheel drive.The rescue unit responds to medical and motor vehicle incidents and has equipment on board for woodland fire fighting.
Tanker 852 is a 4 wheel drive 2010 International 7300 with a Lantz body. The tanker carries 1500 gallons of water and has pump capability with a 375 IGPM pump on board. The unit carries Department of Natural Resources response packs, spare hose, a portable pump and various nozzles.  This tanker responds to all major fires and assists with traffic control when needed.