Blandford, Nova Scotia

Blandford and Area Fire Rescue currently has three modern fire fighting apparatus. This apparatus consists of a 1050 IGPM Attack Engine which is normally first out on all major fires.  A 1050 IGPM supply pumper has the critical role of being the primary water supply to the fire scene. A fully equipped Rescue Unit responds to all, motor vehicle accidents, medical responses and other rescue situations. The apparatus is capable of responding to all emergency fire calls within Blanford and area and assists our neighboring communities on mutual aid calls.





Rescue 421 is a 2002 International 4700 / Lantz Truck Bodies walkin rescue with a five person crew. This is the department's workhorse vehicle as 70 % of calls are medical first response in nature. Besides BLS medical equipment including an AED this apparatus is equipped with rope rescue, water / ice rescue, vehicle extrication, spill control and fire scene support equipment. This is the primary tow vehicle for the department's special operations trailer.


Blandford 431 Copy

Unit 431 was built by Lantz Truck on a HME (SFO) chassis. The unit carries 5 firefighters. The new pumper has a 1050 pump and carries 900 gallons of water on board. It is also a fully equipped rescue unit well laid out with all fire equipment located on the driver's side and the rescue equipment installed on the officer's side of the apparatus. The unit carries a lot of emergency equipment located in four coffin compartments on the top of truck. The front bumper of the unit carries 2 pre-connects and a remote monitor. There are 2 rear 5" discharges and a top mounted monitor controlled from the top mounted pump panel.

Supply Pumper 432 is a 2001 Freightliner FL-70 / Superior (E-One) 1050 IGPM pumper with a 900 Igal water tank and a FoamPro foam system. The primary role of this apparatus is water supply. The truck has a three person crew and is equiped with 2000 feet of 5" hose, 66 feet of 6" suction including one 30 foot "squirrel tail" with attached floating strainer, a Turbo Draft, a portable pump, numerous adapters and appliances.


The Special Operations trailor contains specialized equipment and tools for the protection of personnel and the environment when responding to spills of hazardouse and dangerous goods. Maaterials include plugging, patching, and absorption mateirals along with chemical resistent suits boots and gloves. The trailor is available to all district departments via mutual aid requests.

 Blandford Boat

The rescue craft is intended for rescue, recovery, and personnel transportation in coastal waters, lakes and rivers. The unit is available to all District Departmenst via mutual aid requests.